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Perhaps you have seen it in the movies, or when you were walking by one of those Middle Eastern cafés. The aromas and smells are hypnotic and draw you into their exoticism. You are not dreaming, and your senses are not playing a trick on you. What you are experiencing is the sweet and subtle majesty and allurement of quality hookah products. If you have never experienced the grandeur of this ancient smoking practice, then we are the team to talk to. 7 Smoke and Vapor is the top hookah store in the region.

A hookah consists of a glass base, pipe, hose, bowl, and coal tray. The substance smoked from a hookah is shisha tobacco, which is a mixture of tobacco, molasses, and fruit or flavor extracts. When all the pieces come together and the flame is hot, you are able to imbibe some of the most amazing tastes in smoking form.

Smoking a hookah is both sociable and relaxing. If you have ever been tempted to try it out, then stop by 7 Smoke and Vapor and learn how you can get involved. Our staff will lead you in the right direction.

If you are in Lawrenceville, GA, you owe it to yourself to investigate all of our new styles of hookahs and flavors. If you are already seasoned, consider upgrading your current setup with some of our top of the line hookah supplies. We offer competitive prices on all things hookah related and are ready to help you get on your feet right away. Become a part of the fun at 7 Smoke and Vapor.

Join us in Lawrenceville, GA and begin smoking the good stuff with your friends and family today.

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